The core strategy is to develop into a profitable multi-line insurance leader that provides capacity to both group and independent intermediaries and generates long-term shareholder value.

Underwriting is based on a number of different business lines, including accident and health, property, liability, credit and surety and legal expenses. Business is underwritten through selected intermediaries in a number of European countries, with their reputation, reputability and experience being of paramount importance.

After Brexit, the same team remains in place, with the addition of new staff specialising in the construction sector, mainly in France.

With the aim of being committed to business management with a focus on risk at all times, in providing a good service to the insured offering the best in the present to satisfy a good future, since long-term relationships with customers, brokers, reinsurers… is what makes the difference. The philosophy and decision-making processes are an integral part of the corporate culture, thus ensuring the achievement of strategic objectives, also maintaining its focus on remaining leaders in the insurance sector as a benchmark in the Surety, Decennial and Liability lines.

Always focused on doing business where there are market niches where we can provide great experience and knowledge. This is the same strategy that has been used in the past to achieve the current strong position. It is expected to achieve a carefully controlled growth and to write quality business, always thinking of the needs of the clients.