«Our ability to look forward has always overcome any uncertainty”

The values of MIC Insurance are part of a project that seeks to achieve excellence through the service we offer.


Imparting security by fulfilling the duties it sets out to perform and by maintaining lasting bonds of union. Fulfilling out of respect for one’s own Company and for others.


The relationship with partners is built on the certainty of a solid and loyal partnership. It is the Company’s responsibility to provide efficient services to the Mediation, by putting ourselves into it. It is easy to say I want long term business, the hard part is to keep it. MIC Insurance is loyal to each of its country providers, respecting the rights of those it assists on a daily basis


Efficient thanks to the combination of specialised products, diversified market and the productivity of the resources at its disposal. Working with state-of-the-art information technology, this allows us to develop business plans in record time, as well as working in real time anywhere in the world.


We have a management team with extensive knowledge of the market and years of experience in the sector. Working hand in hand with a team of specialists in each of its branches. Specialists in what we market, this is one of the great values of MIC Insurance.